Vanity Trove part 3

Okay now it’s time for Vanity Trove, 3rd edition.

So this is my trove this month.


What’s in my trove?
1. Ponds BB cream
2. Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair
3. Vaseline Healthy White Night Repair
4. Vaseline Body Serum
5. Natvia natural sweetener
6. Clarins shaping facial lift, sample
7. Clarins bodyblift cellulite control, sample
8. Tous l’eau de toilette, vial 1.5 ml
9. Silkygirl Magic Pink lip balm

*le sigh…….*

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Beauty Treats part 3

It’s the end of the month, which means it’s time for my beauty boxes subscription to arrive.
I’ll do the Beauty Treats first.

Okay so this month I subscribe to the platinum box, which is more expensive the regular (gold) box. The platinum box costs IDR 135.000, while the gold box costs IDR 95.000.

I had high expectation for this month’s box because they said the box will carry higher end brands.

Well, this is what in my box.

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T.G.I. Friday’s

TGIF is back in Jakarta !
Yeah baby… This place brings so much good memories, both in the US and in Jakarta long time ago.

Last weekend Mr.H and I finally had the chance to visit TGIF in Lippo Mal Kemang. We were so excited when we heard that TGIF is back in business in Jakarta. Been wanting to go here, but due to the unfriendly location (I live in northern part Jakarta) we had to postpone the visit until last week.

I ordered cajun chicken and shrimp pasta, while Mr.H ordered Philly cheese steak sandwich. And for drink we ordered the Ultimate Mudslide. Mudslide has always been our favorite whenever we go to TGIF.

Cajun chicken and shrimp pasta


Philly cheese steak sandwich




Portions were huge as usual. In the end we were so full and got no room for dessert. Too bad. Well, maybe next time then 😀


Last week after picking up Mr.H from the airport, we stopped by at PIK area to have dinner.
Mr.H was craving for some ramen, so first we passed by Ikkudo Ichi to see if there’s a waiting line. And it was !
Well, it was Friday night so no wonder the area was super crowded.
Since we were starving, we decided to eat somewhere else where there’s no line.
We then passed by Hakata Ikkousha. From outside we couldn’t see the line. So we parked the car and went inside. But oh boy were we wrong. There’s a pretty long line inside as well!
We got back in the car and drove to check the other side of the area, and we found another ramen place called Sengoku. I’ve heard about this place several times but never tried it. After seeing that the place was rather quiet, we decided to try it.

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