Lolabox – August edition

This is my second Lolabox. I’m pretty amazed with the delivery consistency. The box is shipped on the 15th every month, and it takes only 1 day to arrive at my place.

The theme for this month’s box is Brave and Bold in order to celebrate Independence Day.
No wonder the box comes in red!



And this is the list.


The tiny brush is so cute! It may be just a bonus item, but I love it 😀
I’ve never used a primer before, so it will be exciting to try L’oreal primer.
And I’m running out of compact powder, so I’ll definitely use the Maybelline compact powder.
There’s also Paula’s Choice in the box. I’ve heard about this brand a lot, so I can’t wait to try the sample.
I hope next month’s box will carry more unique brand, like last month’s box with Juara skin care.
But overall, I’m happy with my box. 🙂


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