Lolabox – July Edition

Ok, so after major dissapointment from Vanity Trove and Beauty Treats last month, I decided to try subscribe Lolabox for 1 month.
From what I read at Female Daily Forum, it seems that Lolabox has been consistent in terms of products and service. And when I checked their Facebook page, there’s a sneek peak for some brands for July box which should be interesting: JUARA and Sleek. So I was anxiously waiting for my box to come.

And this is it.



JUARA sample set: Rice facial cleanser, Sweet black tea and rice facial moisturizer, Sweet black tea eye cream
The Faceshop Crack Collection in dark brown
Britney Spears Perfume vial in Radiance20130719-213604.jpg
Bang holder

Sleek Makeup Eye Dust in Inferno20130719-213629.jpg

I love my box!
I am so happy with it and decided to subscribe for the next 3 months.
Next month’s theme is Brave and Bold. Can’t wait !! 😀

Click here to start your own subscription !


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