Vanity Trove part 3

Okay now it’s time for Vanity Trove, 3rd edition.

So this is my trove this month.


What’s in my trove?
1. Ponds BB cream
2. Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair
3. Vaseline Healthy White Night Repair
4. Vaseline Body Serum
5. Natvia natural sweetener
6. Clarins shaping facial lift, sample
7. Clarins bodyblift cellulite control, sample
8. Tous l’eau de toilette, vial 1.5 ml
9. Silkygirl Magic Pink lip balm

*le sigh…….*

First of all…. 3 full size of Vaseline and Ponds?
Don’t get me wrong. I do buy Vaseline regularly and I’ll be sure using these until the last drop.
But to be honest, I don’t expect to get 3 Vaseline in my trove.
I mean, for a price tag of IDR 180.000, it’s only fair that you expect to get a higher brand, not some brand that you can get in every supermarket or mini market or even at small shop in the corner of the street.

Second bummer, the sweetener. Mmmm… I thought that this is a beauty box. Not expecting to get a sugar in my trove. And I don’t do sugar, so this is such a waste. And do you know that sugar alternate can do more damage to your body than real sugar? If you want to be healthy, avoid sugar completely.

Sooo… Now I can say that this month’s box will be my last box, for either Vanity Trove or Beauty Treats. I’m done wasting my money every month for the so called “surprises.” I was so excited the first time I learned about secret beauty box. And I expect something like Ipsy (from the US).
Turns out after 3 months, I can conclude that these beauty boxes are nowhere like Ipsy.
The same brand is rotating between boxes so you can get the same item from different boxes.
Before these beauty box companies improve their service and widen the brand range, I will put a good use of money somewhere else.

Sekian 😀


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