Beauty Treats part 3

It’s the end of the month, which means it’s time for my beauty boxes subscription to arrive.
I’ll do the Beauty Treats first.

Okay so this month I subscribe to the platinum box, which is more expensive the regular (gold) box. The platinum box costs IDR 135.000, while the gold box costs IDR 95.000.

I had high expectation for this month’s box because they said the box will carry higher end brands.

Well, this is what in my box.


Looks empty and kinda pathetic compared to the previous box.
I got:
1. MUFE HD Powder
2. Menard Blotting paper
3. Dr. Jart+ pore clear mask, sample size
4. Masami Shouko travel mirror powder case
5. Menard fairlucent whiter essence
6. Perfumies

I must say I’m pretty dissappointed with my box. The Perfumies is not even listed on the pamflet. And based on the pamflet, subscriber who is older than 25 years old gets Astalift anti aging sample kit. I got none. Instead I got Perfumies which I already have from my first box.

I sent a complaint to their cs. Let’s see if they reply. Will update it here.


They said that Astalift sample only available in limited quantity, hence not all subscriber above 25 years old young get it.

A bit unfair I must say. Because I notice some subscriber who didn’t get Astalift didn’t get the Perfumies like I did. So they only got 5 items in their box. Oh well… I guess it’s time to move on then…


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