Last week after picking up Mr.H from the airport, we stopped by at PIK area to have dinner.
Mr.H was craving for some ramen, so first we passed by Ikkudo Ichi to see if there’s a waiting line. And it was !
Well, it was Friday night so no wonder the area was super crowded.
Since we were starving, we decided to eat somewhere else where there’s no line.
We then passed by Hakata Ikkousha. From outside we couldn’t see the line. So we parked the car and went inside. But oh boy were we wrong. There’s a pretty long line inside as well!
We got back in the car and drove to check the other side of the area, and we found another ramen place called Sengoku. I’ve heard about this place several times but never tried it. After seeing that the place was rather quiet, we decided to try it.

I ordered tonkotsu ramen while Mr.H opted for soyu ramen. Our order came out pretty quick. Perfect time before we passed out of starvingness ๐Ÿ˜€

This was my order. Pork tonkotsu (IDR 45.000)


I like the broth. Not too thick and greasy. However, the char siu was a bit hard to chew. I still think that Kyodai Ramen has the best char siu. But overall it was a good meal.
We left with happy tummy ๐Ÿ˜€


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